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Our skilled Dinkum Data analysts will then assist you with getting comfortable using the dashboards and show you how to interpret your data and find key information using the Dinkum Data Digital Marketing Reporting Dashboards.

  • 26+ connectors

  • Digital marketing platforms configuration audit

  • Dashboard walk-through and training sessions (2 hrs per month)

  • Data interpretation and insights discovery sessions (2 hrs per month)

  • And stacks more features

Your average monthly total spend across all digital advertising platforms.

In a start-up business such as ours, which is so dependent on insights – both customer- and marketing related, it is vital that we are able to harness our data so that we make better decisions. The Dinkum Data dashboard provides us with comprehensive metrics relating to our digital campaigns. The information it supplies enables us to track and adjust our marketing spend so that we derive the best possible value from our campaigns. Having the data at our disposal ultimately will enable us to predict customer behaviour and engagement with our investment platform more accurately and reduce the likelihood of their falling away/churn.

Sebastian PatelSebastian Patel, COO & Co-founder - Franc

A Suite of Easy-on-the-eye Dashboards

Designed specifically to show you what’s happening on each of your digital advertising, ecommerce and social media platforms at a single glance. Data visualised in a way that gives you answers to the questions that need answering to be able to optimise your content, campaigns and budget.
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