The Client

Award-winning investment app Franc is a disrupter to the barriers to entry of existing investment offerings in South Africa. Their clients can invest as much as they want, when they want, conveniently through Franc’s mobile application.

The Challenge

As a fintech start up, Franc needed to grow the business as fast as possible, so rapid and reliable budget, customer and growth insights were critical to doing that. In essence, they were looking for an integrated performance marketing dashboard as smart and agile as themselves!

The Partnership

Dinkum Data enabled Franc to cut through the digital clutter in next to no time, making trends and variances easy to spot. The dashboard access and the quick delivery of insights helps Franc make better and more informed marketing, budget and business decisions.

Franc can now see at a glance what’s happening within their various audiences and communities, identifying top-performing channels, monitoring patterns, and assessing where their budget can be used for the most impact.

Dinkum Data is an effective internal dashboard that gives us a window into customer behaviour via Franc’s social media and digital marketing platforms. These insights are tactical ways of assessing the performance of our marketing campaigns, allowing us to pivot where we place our marketing spend.

Thomas BrennanDr Thomas Brennan, CEO & Co-founder - Franc

The Results

In 2022 Franc doubled the total number of investors on their platform and increased their investor conversion rate by 65%. With insights from Dinkum Data they’re enabled with the right reports and analytics to make informed tactical decisions around campaign, budget and content optimisation as well as track marketing performance and ROAS against their long-term strategy.

Franc, together with Dinkum Data, is also broadening their data science competence to intentionally leverage insights with better models and reporting tools. This will enhance predictive responses to customer behaviour and allow the business to better identify potential customers

Data begets data and soon we’ll be able to derive a sense of future customer needs and their potential investment actions. This is essential, as we will focus on these insights to encourage our clients to continue to invest and save using the Franc platform. Dinkum Data is now a vital component in our arsenal of data-derived insights.

Sebastian PatelSebastian Patel, COO & Co-founder - Franc

With Dinkum Data, you can master your marketing data.

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